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Good day everyone out there in grid or off grid land! Posting this quick update because a lot has been going on in the last month and its always best to stay in the know.. ya know?! 😉 First up Off Grid Singles is doing really well for only being a few months into the online web dating space. The recent “sponsor” spot on Off The Grid Podcast is bringing a lot of you here for the first time. Before I go any further let me thank each and every one of you reading this right now! Thank you!! You are what makes this off grid dating website a quickly growing reality and more of a friendly environment for us all. Off Grid Singles still has a long ways to go but we are off to a great start.

If any of you that have already signed up know of more great people like yourself that might be interested in our new dating community for off grid singles please tell a friend or post up on a board somewhere! Word of mouth is still the best way to um.. get the word out! lol Seriously though our community is slowly growing and with that we are laying the groundwork for a solid base of people just like you and me that wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle however that may be ultimately off the grid.

If you are new don’t forget to add a picture of yourself so all of the awesome men and women out there can see you! If you have not added a picture up already please do so soon. Pictures will be required by the end of October. This is not only to help create a better image for us all but to help add a level of safety for everyone if / when it does come time to actually see each other. Another factor in everyone having a pic is that it says you are more than likely a real person. Spam people do slip in and we all want to keep it real here for our little Off Grid Dating community right? So consider this a quick heads up that if you have recently joined and do not have a image up with your awesomeness of YOU then please upload one soon. If for whatever reason you are having problems with uploading a pic please feel free to contact me 🙂 and I will be happy to help get things straight.

More cool stuff 🙂

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