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Whats up everyone and welcome to Off Grid Singles if your new to the site. I created this site a few months ago because I like most if not all of you reading this right now are wanting the off grid living as a lifestyle. The challenge as most of you probably have figured put pretty quickly is that we “off grid singles” are not only hard to find but a lot of the times located all over! In an effort to try to get the word out Off Grid Singles will be a regular sponsor on the new show and documentary Off The Grid Podcast. The show chronicles a guy documenting the journey going from average suburbs to living off the grid in a camper. As any of you know living a sustainable lifestyle can be hard but very rewarding at the same time. Mother nature in the raw, wild animals, gardening, solar panels, and rain barrels oh my! lol It only makes sense to try and reach our audience by being a sponsor for a show about the very same thing right? .. well minus the singles and dating aspect but you get the idea!

For any of the very awesome first few of you that have signed up THANK YOU! After looking at the few of us members that have signed up so far there seems to be lacking participation of ladies. So if anyone visits any off grid forums or posts regular anywhere I am asking for your help! Please help me spread the word about this new dating website for “off grid singles” so we can start creating a better place to meet. Chances are we are all familiar with most of the dating sites out there now.. again the problem challenge is (there are no problems in life only challenges) the average people wanting the white picket lifestyle are plenty. Please help grow this site so that we can have an awesome place of our own for those of us wanting to go off grid or those of us lucky enough to already be off the grid.. to find love here.

Thank you to all the few great ones that have signed up so far. You the true pioneers and one day when Off Grid Singles makes it big hopefully you will be proud to say you were there when it all began. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please take a minute to post here. If you like the site please share it with your friends. Thanks!

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