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    !!! UPDATE !!! I AM NOT SINGLE !!! I AM VERY HAPPILY SEEING SOMEONE !!! I honestly believe I have found the love of a lifetime. It is way to much for writing here now so I will share this later. Until then let my success be an inspiration to all the singles out there! Love will find you 🙂

    Right now it is this website and going Off Grid. This last year marked a major shift and turning point in my life both personal, spiritual, and financial. I got laid off, good friends in my life came and went, my savings went out the door, and my girlfriend dumped me.. oh and I am documenting my journey Off Grid with a podcast. If any of this interests you or you would like to know more please reach out. The love of a lifetime is hard enough to find. As you know Off Grid people are hard to find. Please help me build a community where we can find each other! <3

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I am no longer single!!! The following is my old ”dating” profile:
    I have some basics that shouldn’t be that difficult so here goes..
    1. Please be single. By single I mean not going through a divorce or even simply looking for friends because your in a monogamous union of any kind. Single is a must.
    2. Attraction is a good start. There must be a spark between us for this to move forward. At 40 years on this earth I am wise enough to know that if your honestly looking for the love of a lifetime looks fade. ”Seduce my mind and you may have my body as well”.
    3. I am looking for absolute truth and honesty. In the past hard lessons have been learned and I have come to the conclusion that pure honesty even if it hurts sometimes will build the strongest relationship.
    4. Shared interests are always great! Must love gardening. I love being in the garden so this would be an idle match to find someone that shares the same passion.
    5. Affection will take you far and help keep a bond strong. I am a very affectionate person. If you very much enjoy holding hands while on walks and just like that magnetic attraction a sweet couple shares on an almost daily basis then you may be my other half.
    6. Must yearn for the fresh air and want to live an Off Grid lifestyle one day. Most women are looking for the white picket fence cookie cutter house kind of guy. I am something different.
    7. Creativity is a plus. This one is not a requirement but certainly will be a plus if you enjoy being creative in whatever form(s) that is for you.
    8. Must be a female! Yup this one is a requirement so if you have the opposite hardware it will not work lol
    9. Must have a sense of humor. Please have the ability to laugh, make jokes once in a while, smile with joy as much as possible, and see the glass half full.
    10. Life is amazing and so are you! Please don’t discounted yourself for anyone or any reason. A strong relationship is also built on friendship so please say hi! 😉
    11. More added later 😉

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